Thames Valley Together

The VPP is supporting the development of a cutting-edge new approach to multi-agency data-sharing, a new platform hosted by Thames Valley Police’s ICT team called Thames Valley Together.

Thames Valley Together is being developed in response to the challenge of creating a single shared environment where multiple different partners can share datasets, allow sharing of information across organisational boundaries.

Thames Valley Together will deliver a centralised data sharing environment. It uses the cloud-based technology offered by the Microsoft Azure suite of software and analytical tools, hosted by Thames Valley Police to ensure the highest levels of security.

Robust data sharing and protection agreements and protocols have been developed between the agencies participating.

Whilst still in development, Thames Valley Together promises to create a single data-sharing solution for the partners in the Thames Valley Violence Prevention Partnership. It will support the requirement under the Serious Violence Duty to share data and intelligence. It will allow information to be collated at an individual person and event-level with the capability to inform decision-making by multi-agency partners, able to act upon overlaid information from other agencies. 

It will create aggregated and anonymised data sets for strategic planning purposes such as Strategic Needs Assessments and service planning.

Recognised as a national innovation, we are working closely with the Home Office on how the approach and technology can be adopted by other VRU areas and scaled up.