TVP MASH processes

This year saw the start of a research phase into the potential for a new intervention focused on first point of contact safeguarding processes.

The earliest contacts with vulnerable families are often made through safeguarding “front door” processes. This year, we began to explore whether there was an opportunity to target support to those that need it at an earlier point than perhaps our current systems have the capacity or sophistication to achieve.

Guided by our Project Research Life Cycle approach, we wanted to undertake closer analysis of the way that risks are identified and information shared across the system partners. Through this we hope to identify any opportunities for a new intervention

Working with Thames Valley Police, which delivers a force-wide approach to a Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH), we will be undertaking a detailed process and procedure review within the MASH from June 2024.

This will be our research phase that would then inform the direction of any subsequent intervention design.