Hospital Navigators evaluation

In June we launched an evaluation of the Hospital Navigator intervention completed by colleagues from the Oxford Institute of Applied Health Research at Oxford Brookes University. This delivered a review of both the model of delivery and the impact and benefits of the scheme.

The lead researchers Dr Sarah Bekaert and Dr Georgia Cook of Oxford Brookes University presented  key findings from the evaluation at the event to an audience which included colleagues from commissioning bodies including Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), Community Safety Partnerships, NHS Trusts and the voluntary sector organisations delivering the support.

Key findings from the review period include:

Initial attendance in the Emergency Department was often linked to mental health crisis, alcohol/substance misuse, domestic abuse. But through the referral to a Navigator a trusting relationship was developed leading to wider positive individual outcomes. These include:

Positive organisational outcomes included:

Next steps:

As the longest running VPP-funded intervention, we have confirmed with partners that we will no longer be funding beyond the end of March 2025. We are now working closely with colleagues in local NHS and Public Health systems to discuss how the initiative could be continued, what models of delivery would work and how the benefits and positive impact as described in the evaluation can be sustained.