May 6, 2021. News

Response to Operation Sceptre knife crime week of action

Today, Thames Valley Police has published results following the completion of Operation Sceptre, a national week of action to challenge and reduce the threat of knife crime.

Stan Gilmour, Director, Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit

Stan Gilmour, Director of the Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit, responded:

“The Violence Reduction Unit welcomes the results from the latest Operation Sceptre week of action. The 35 arrests show the priority given by Thames Valley Police to take action against those who carry knives, helping to to keep our communities safe.

“Bearing down on knife-enabled violence is not just a policing enforcement matter.  This past week saw a strong emphasis on early engagement and intervention, particularly with young people so that we can build trust in the authorities and help prevent the vulnerable feeling the need to carry a weapon.

“Communications campaigns helped to emphasise the risk of carrying knives and the impact it can have on individuals, on families, to someone’s future and ultimately, on lives.  Through this, and despite the continued restrictions in place, 250 weapons have been handed in to police amnesty bins.

“But this is an issue which goes beyond an awareness week. We know that tackling serious violence needs a whole-community response over time; from friends, families, schools, community groups and businesses, all playing their part.

“We do that by helping steer young people away from violence, by reporting concerns and by the authorities working together to respond to the root causes of violence.  This means us making earlier interventions to provide alternative opportunities, to tackle exploitation, to educate and support.”