December 1, 2021. News

7 December: How can you support the Day of Hope 2021?

The Day of Hope was established by the Hope Collective, a national organisation born from the work of the Damilola Taylor Trust.   Shortly before he died from a stab wound aged just 10 years old, Damilola stated that one day, he wanted to change the world. 

The Day of Hope marks Damilola’s birthday and his ambition to change the world.  The Hope Collective is establishing the 7 December as a national day of action to celebrate young people and to promote efforts to support them, to address inequalities and tackle violence so that they can reach their full potential.

Last week, the Prime Minister hosted a No 10 reception for the Hope Collective and gave a commitment to promoting the Day of Hope.

The Day of Hope has a powerful, positive message about young people’s value and their potential in our society:

How can you support the Day of Hope?

Social media:

Mark the 7 December “Day of Hope” any way – with a simple post, a comment on the themes above, anything – but please use the hashtag #DayOfHope2021 and wherever possible tag in @HopeCollective2 and  @TV_VRU on Twitter/Insta

Download some suggested Tweets / social media messages (.docx)

Looking forward to 2022:  The first Thames Valley “Youth Hope Workshop”:

This year, five youth workshops were held across the UK, with contributions made by hundreds of young people from many backgrounds.  Led and facilitated by young people, they gathered feedback on the issues facing young people and the challenges.  The output has been collated and last week was presented to the Prime Minister and No 10 Strategy/Policy unit by the Hope Collective’s youth council.  

Next year, this process will be repeated – we are proud to be hosting the first workshop here in the Thames Valley and will be drawing representation from right across the region – school children and young people from your local area.

We are also looking for young people – particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds or those who have lived experience of violence and inequality – to work with us as Youth Ambassadors.   If you would like to work with us, can help identify suitable people for whom this could be a positive opportunity, then do please get in touch –