The RAW Navigator Scheme offers children intensive one to one mentoring by a social worker to encourage and arrange positive alternative activities and access to additional support.

We recognise that substance use and other addictions affect the user as well as their loved ones, families and friends. We work closely with trusted statutory partners and charities that are able to provide support, especially whilst we are all affected by the impact of Coronavirus.

Thames Valley VRU have established Violence Reductions Networks, led by education partners to embed trauma informed practice in schools to make them more inclusive.

In partnership with West Mercia and Thames Valley Police, we have produced advice sheets for young people and parents/carers explaining the issue and giving guidance to prevent harm and links to additional support around cyber-bullying.

PSHE Resources to discuss County Drug Line exploitation, gangs and violence based upon the testimony of a convicted exploiter.

Several members of the Thames Valley VRU will be speaking at the virtual Four Nations Webinar Series, on the theme of public health approaches to tackling serious violence.