Dee’s Story

We recognise that in order to prevent violence, the earlier that we are able to narratives, the more successful we will be. Right across the Thames Valley we work closely with teachers and schools to provide better outcomes for students including a raft of engagement initiatives in universal settings, affording equal support to all students to help them recognise their own power to make great choices and to recognise opportunities to support their friends to do likewise.

Many of Thames Valley Police’s Safer Schools Officers report being regularly asked to support the delivery of key messages in schools, especially around safety and the law. This often takes the form of assemblies, tutor group inputs or timetabled off-curriculum days such as ‘drop down days’ or ‘carousel days’, and this inconsistent form of delivery can lead to varying levels of effective learning support which can be counterproductive in and of itself.

From September 2020 it has been mandatory for all schools to provide Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) including Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). We have recognised this opportunity to support schools by providing standardised, consistent educational materials on key topics that can be delivered to all students on our behalf by qualified teachers.

We have worked with a convicted County Lines offender who recognised the harm he had caused by exploiting young people for County Lines and produced a series of video resources detailing dangers for young people and sign to look out for as well as signposting to where support can be found.

These were then used as the foundation for a series of PSHE lesson plans for Key Stage 3 students. These lesson plans were written by a published PSHE author following consultation with local schools and designed to be flexible in delivery depending on a school’s available subject time.