June 22, 2023. News

Thames Valley VRU hosts National Data Connections Conference #NDCC2023

On Wednesday 28 June, the Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit – in its capacity as national lead VRU for data – is hosting the first National Data Connections Conference at Reading Town Hall.

The conference is an opportunity to explore the value of data, the challenges it presents but also the opportunities for innovation.

The conference is aimed in particular at those working in Violence Reduction Units, across policing and partnership agencies working on the Serious Violence agenda. Download the agenda here:

The Thames Valley VRU has established its own innovative and first-of-its kind platform for securely sharing data across multi-agency partners, known locally as Thames Valley Together.  

This platform promises to overcome many of the previous barriers to sharing information across organisational boundaries. By allowing local authorities, police, HM Prisons & Probation and wider partners to share information securely, with the appropriate levels of control, the system will help local partners to develop plans to address violence and its causes.

It has been recognised as national best practice and the Home Office is supporting its wider roll-out to other Violence Reduction Unit areas in the country.

The agenda includes inputs which explore the practical use of Thames Valley Together here in the Thames Valley, including driving Hotspot Policing methodology, informing problem-solving policing.  Also, how data is used to support vulnerable young people – identifying those families left behind when a parent is imprisoned, known locally as Operation Paramount.

A focus is taken too on how data supports evaluation and evidence of what practice works, helping us to measure the impact of policing and intervention projects and their value for money, informing how we invest in the future for best effec

Held in person at the Reading Town Hall, if you are interested in joining it is free to attend, please contact TVT@thamesvalley.police.uk to reserve a place as numbers are limited.