May 14, 2021. News

TV VRU blog published: A sturdy brain architecture

The latest Thames Valley VRU blog has been published today. Marking Mental Health Awareness Week, our guest author this edition is Dr Katy Smart of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford.

“Brain development during childhood is determined by more than just our genes; the experiences we have in the first years of our lives also affect the physical architecture of the developing brain. The child’s early experiences determine which of the brain circuits are pruned away through lack of use and which ones are reinforced, making the early years vital for children’s longer-term physical, social and emotional development.

“It is possible to build better brains by exposing children to positive, nurturing interactions from an early age. These positive experiences are the foundation bricks that build sturdy brain architecture, leading to improved physical and mental health throughout life. It’s never too late to change outcomes; using the science to work together will help us enhance long term mental and physical health and reduce the causes of antisocial behaviour, addiction, violence and crime.”

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