November 15, 2021. News

Kiyan Prince Foundation delivers a positive message to help tackle knife crime

Schoolchildren from the Sandhurst area of Berkshire received a powerful message in support of their potential in life when attending an anti-knife and drugs education input on Friday 12 November, delivered by Dr Mark Prince OBE of the Kiyan Prince Foundation.

Over 80 children from three Sandhurst schools attended the session, which was organised and funded by neighbourhood policing officers from Thames Valley Police’s Bracknell Local Policing Area.

Kiyan Prince was just 15 when he was stabbed to death having intervened in a fight taking place outside his school in north London in 2006. Since his death, his father, Dr Mark Prince OBE has committed himself developing motivational and educational sessions for young people, helping them to realise their potential and to make positive choices in life. He promotes self-belief and individuality, promotes healthy living and staying clear of drugs, and he focuses on the danger of knives and violence.

The young people heard not just about the tragic circumstances which took Kiyan’s life, but the impact it hand on his family and friends.

Also presenting was a representative of Marijuana Anonymous, a support organisation set up for those struggling with substance misuse and particularly cannabis. Also, a clinician from NHS Broadmoor Hospital, who spoke with young people about the impact of cannabis use on both physical and mental health.

Sgt Emma Read of Thames Valley Police said:

“To hear Mark Prince speak so passionately and so movingly about the loss of his son, a hugely talented and wonderful person, had an obvious affect on many of the children attending today.

“But this wasn’t about shocking them. Mark also has an incredibly hopeful story and a strong message to all young people that however they feel, however they perform in school, they have a purpose for good.

“We hope that by providing educational events we can raise the awareness of the risks and consequences of crime – particularly drugs and knives. But we also want young people to be equipped to make the right choices for themselves.

“We were honoured to host the Kiyan Prince Foundation today, I hope it has had a lasting impact on the children who attended, and we hope to continue working with the Foundation as we strive to keep our young people safe.”

Dr Mark Prince OBE speaks with a pupil of Easthampstead Park School
Thames Valley Police officers with Dr Mark Prince OBE
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Kiyan Prince, a talented footballer with QPR, was just 15 when he was stabbed to death