Our funding and our programme plan

The Violence Prevention Partnership is funded in the main by an annual grant provided by the Home Office Serious Violence Unit to each of the 20 existing Violence Reduction Units (the generic Home Office term).

In April 2022, the Home Office set out that each VRU should plan to deliver a three-year programme taking it through to the end of March 2025.  This was to enable longer-term planning and delivery of activity, although the grant would still require an annual application process.

Each year, we are set an indicative amount that the Thames Valley must plan to, required to produce and submit a proposed delivery plan for the year ahead to the Home Office. Once approved, the grant is distributed to the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for administration by the VPP.

We are then required to publish a Response Strategy, effectively our delivery plan for the year ahead.

Each year, the grant has a particular requirements attached – including an increasing percentage of match-funding to be generated alongside the central funding, a set percentage amount that must be invested into testing interventions, and a set percentage amount of that investment spend to be subsequently used only for evaluation of those interventions.

The full detail of our annual grant and how it has been proportioned across our programme is set out in the publised Response Strategy for the year, with our Annual Reports detailing our year-end position.

See the Our Info page for current and previous publications.